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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Bird Nest on Jerry's Front Porch

Jerry is sharing her house with
a busy Mommy bird &
her hatchlings.

A sturdy nest was built in
the eave of her front porch.

The grey "stuff" at the
top left of the nest is
one of the baby birds.

Mama bird flies from the nest whenever anyone sets foot on the front porch.

She sits patiently on the nearby
power wire, waiting for the
humans to depart the porch.

I think this bird is a type of Sparrow.

I took a picture of the mirror's
reflection of the baby birds,
resting in their nest.

If only Mama would cooperate and pose for a pic....  I sat quietly on the porch... No Mommy bird.  I snuck around the corner of the house, hoping to get a shot... No luck.  I lurked behind Jerry's front door, waiting patiently... No shot of Mom near her nest.

Finally!  Mom perches on the
wrought iron ornamentation
beneath the nest.

She was spooked and flew off.

More waiting.....

My position gets uncomfortable...  I give up...

I am an impatient wild life photographer.  If I was a hunter, I would starve.

I got this shot hiding behind
Jerry's front door a few
days later.

The photo was taken through a pane of glass and a screen door.

Mom's close up...

I left Jerry's house through the back door to give Mama the time she needs with her chicks.

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