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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nesting Birds at Hamilton Square in Guilderland, New York

Springtime is about new life.  Plants grow, flowers bloom and birds nest and nurture hatchlings.

Look closely.... Birds are nesting in the signs that advertise stores at Hamilton Square, the small strip mall at the corner of Routes 20 and 155 in Guilderland.

Mama Bird perches on the letter
 P at the Hint of Paris Salon &
 the nest sits on the lower left
 side of the Eiffel Tower.

Mama or Papa bird oversees
nests tucked into the large S
at Sage Bistro.

Capital OTB is hosting
 a bird's nest.

A closer look...  The nest is
in the "a" & Mama perches
on "i."

Birds are starting a family at

The nest sits in the letter C.
Mama & Papa perch on 
letters A & N.
These birds, perched 15 feet or so off the ground, are very comfortable with lots of people and traffic at this neighborhood strip mall.

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