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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Hudson-Berkshire Food & Wine Festival in Chatham, New York: The Fairhouse

The 4th Annual Hudson-Berkshire Food and Wine Festival is a weekend event at the Columbia County Fairgrounds in Chatham, New York.

Eric bought a Groupon for the Festival.  We are both tasting today for the cost of one admission. I'm glad I brought my driver's license, because everyone's ID is checked as we enter the Fairgrounds.

The Fair House, built in 1884, is
the largest indoor venue for
the Festival.

Eric & I negotiate the crowd
as we look for a vendor with
open space at their booth.

Pazdar Winery has a large
selection of wines.

Hudson Valley Distillers
offers a discount to

RM Irish Jewels is here for
shoppers looking for bangles.

Adirondack Winery's wine
bottles have beautiful labels.

The right purse pulls
an outfit together.

Harvest Spirits Farm Distillery
is selling Vodka, Apple Jack,
Whiskey & Grappa.

Cereghino Smith creates artisanal
wines with grapes from New York
& California.

There's a whole lot of tasting going on today.  Eric quips that a Food and Wine Festival is a great place to get dunk a quarter ounce at a time.

Hilltop Orchards, the home of
Furnace Brook Winery, is
selling Hard Ciders,
Meads & Wines

Staff at the Hudson-Chatham
 Winery booth are busy
pouring wines.

Eric investigates the Meads
at Helderberg Meadworks.

Peter and Kristin Voelker are pursuing their Meadmaking passion in Duanesburg.  Eric and I were intrigued by the Feral Mead, made with wild yeast.

Gusto Della Vita is selling
Olive Oils & Vinegars.

Toussey Winery has some
weekend specials.

Goats & Gourmets offers to hold
customer's  purchases while they
sample Festival fare.

Lunch is a Baguette with Mild
Snowdrift Cow's Cheese & 
Caraway Alpine Cheese made
with Raw (unpasteurized
Cow's Milk.

Next stop... Livingston Hall

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