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Thursday, June 16, 2016

All in a Morning's Walk: Jerry's Neighborhood in Rotterdam, New York

I often post on walks in Jerry's neighborhood while Eric and I are visiting.  How can an eight block square neighborhood get so much attention....  There's always something going on....

debris across the street from
Jerry's house.

This house just got a new
roof after being abandoned
for several years.

The interior is being

Surely, the natural gas
will be turned on soon.

is busy...

... taking down a
large tree.

A three person crew is limbing the tree.  The smaller limbs and leaves will be ground up and removed.  The larger branches and the trunk cut up, loaded into a truck and taken away.

A section of road is torn up
to replace a portion of the
natural gas piping system.

The system being replaced regulates the pressure level of natural gas used in area homes.

This house, started last 
August, looks like it's
ready for a family.

A house is getting
new siding.

A dumpster waits to be
filled at this house, while
its sale is finalized.

Just another walk in a suburban neighborhood...  There's so much going on this morning.

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