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Monday, September 1, 2014

Cleaning the Basement of Our Motorhome

We drove the Dempster Highway to the Arctic Circle in July.  This road is gravel and things got dusty.  After we returned to pavement, the dust was cleaned out of the living area of the motorhome.

Now that we are settled at Jerry's,
it's time to start cleaning out the
basement compartments.

Eric took everything out of the
basement & put things in
Jerry's garage.

The Dometic Freezer will be filled with Joseph's Pitas.  Se can't find this pita brand in many parts of the country.

Eric is going to clean each

He wants to "tie up" some wires so that they aren't hanging loosely.

After the cleaning is complete,
Eric will repack the basement.

The water bay needs
special attention.

The water hose reel is
loose & it needs a new
power switch.

I wish we had a larger pass
through area on the
driver's side.

Our house batteries are 
when Eric cleans.

Eric puts out our awnings so he can work in the shade.  Each day he cleans a compartment or two...

The electric bay was
very dusty.

This is a big project and will take days, maybe a week to complete.

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