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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Celebrating Our Thirty-Sixth Anniversary at Canali's Restaurant in Rotterdam, New York

Eric made reservations at
Canali's Restaurant.

We've been celebrating our anniversaries (first date anniversary too) and Valentines Days at Canali's since 1985.  Last year we waited until September to celebrate our anniversary at our favorite Italian restaurant.

Jerry, Eric's Mom, gave us a Canali's Gift Certificate for our anniversary.
Thank you, Jerry!

Eric peruses the menu.

Tonight we'll start our dinner with a small Antipasto appetizer.  Our waitress, JoAnn, brought us a carafe of Chianti.  We toast our thirty-six years of marriage. 

Our small table, tucked into
a corner of the restaurant,
is the perfect spot for an
intimate dinner.

JoAnn waited to place our entree orders so we could enjoy a long, conversation-filled dinner.

This is the small Antipasto.

Add a basket of bread, and suddenly, I'm not so hungry.

Eric's Brasciola & Ziti

There are two Pork Loins under
the mushrooms & creamy gravy.

I ordered a side of Ziti
to bring home.

Dinner was oh, so good.  Our conversation was full of laughter.  Eric and I passed on dessert.  

An important part of our Canali's dining experience is enjoying their delicious foods the next day.  We each left with containers of food for tomorrow's lunch.


Kathi H said...

That building reminds me of my favorite Italian restaurant in Rotterdam years ago. By any chance was it previously Mizzero's Pizza?

Ginny said...

Mizzero's is on Altamont Avenue, near Price Chopper - about two blocks from the Curry Road intersection.

Kathi H said...

Thanks Ginny,
It's been a long time since I've been back to Schenectady. Still looks as sweet as ever.
You two have safe travels. Love your blog