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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Eric's Birthday Lunch at The Wagon Train in Rotterdam, New York

Eric, Jerry & I went to The
for Eric's birthday lunch.

Eric & Jerry admire

Eric and I came here last year and we liked the barbecue and pulled pork.  Have things changed?  Is the food still awesome?

The entrance looks like
a covered wagon.

Jerry & The Duke

The restaurant's model
wagon train

This is a comfortable
place to eat.

The snarling wolf
is menacing.

The miniature cannon,
cannon balls & fox
make a wonderful

Eric's Pulled Pork Sandwich

Jerry's Branded Burger
with French Fries &
a Pickle.

I got Pulled Pork with Corn
Bread & French Fries.

I prefer to eat my
 roll separately.

Our lunches were wonderful.  Jerry's burger was cooked just the way she likes.  Eric raved about the beans.  The pulled pork was lightly smokey with lots of chunks of meat.  The corn bread was light and sweet.  Eric brought home a slice of birthday Banana Cream Pie

The Wagon Train makes the best pulled pork in the Capital Region.  Keep up the great work!

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