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Friday, September 5, 2014

Adam & I Visited the Empire State Aerosciences Museum in Glenville, New York

Adam & I have fond memories
of this museum.

Two of Adam's fellow Cub Scouts, along with our daughter, Diane, went to a program at the Empire State Aerosciences Museum for a Saturday morning program to build rockets.  The children built stick rockets that were launched using a large, stiff rubber band and then...  the group made rockets with fuel and launched them.  Everyone had a great time!

The museum is housed in a
hangar-like building.

General Electric ran a
Flight Test Center here
from 1946 to 1964.

The museum has a section celebrating New Yorkers that contributed to the advancement of aviation.  I am sharing female aviators pioneers.

 meteorology & developed weather
 balloon that could take her aloft to
 conduct weather experiments.

She flew balloons at fairs under the
 stage name to raise funds
for her pursuits.

Elinor Smith was the youngest
woman get her pilot's license 
at age 16.

In 1928, she was the first & only,
pilot to fly under all four of 
New York's East River bridges.

 Ruth Nichols was the first woman
licensed to fly a seaplane in 1924.

She held numerous women's flight
 records & organized Relief Wings, a
humanitarian flying ambulance service.

This is an interesting aviation event...
Aviation pioneer, Lawrence Sperry,
landed his M-1 Messenger on the
steps of the US Capitol on
March 22,  1922.

Sperry was producing planes for the US Navy and had not received payment for the contracted work. Following his meeting with Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Theodore. Roosevelt, Jr., Sperry returned to Long Island and payed his workers.  The planes were completed and the Navy took possession of them.

Adam checks out a working
model of the Wright Flier.

A replica of the Wright Flier
that flew at Kitty Hawk,

Amelia Earhart disappeared on
an attempted flight around
the world on July 2, 1937.

Nieuport 17C.1

A model of the Japanese
Aircraft Carrier, the Akagi.

Japanese Bombers from the
Akagi attacked Pearl Harbor
on December 7, 1941.

was used on US Bombers
during World War II.

The Crocker-Wheeler Crew
Training Turret with .30
Caliber Machine Guns

Adam controls a model
of the Lunar Rover.

Adam remembered many of the exhibits from previous visits.  I love aviation and had a great time strolling the exhibits and reading the descriptions.

Let's go outside and see the tank and the newer military aircraft.

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