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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Our Southwest Drive to Cottonwood Arizona

Eric & I return to
 US Route 191 South.

This region of southeast
Utah is flat & scrubby.

The terrain changes as
we drive south.

A ripply red bluff
parallels the road.

A stunning place to camp

This rock formation reminds
Eric & me of Shiprock in

This is the northern approach

Close ups of the scene:

On the left

The middle to the right

Monument Valley continues
into Arizona.

Horses graze on the
open range.

Eric & I stop for Diesel at
a Sinclair Gas Station.

Eric and I, along with fellow travelers, find out that Route 89, north of Flagstaff is closed because of flooding.  We must detour onto Arizona Route 264 though Leupp to Interstate Route 40 West.  Our four and a half hour drive is now going to be two hours longer.....

Eric takes this shot as I
approach a tight curve.

Here's the detour to Leupp.

The scenery continues
to amaze us.

The Leupp Water Tower

Japanese Americans were interred throughout this region during World War II.

I take over driving after we turn onto Interstate 40 West.

An Elk Warning Sign

Yes, there are Elk in

4 - 6% Grades
Next 18 Miles

The sign for Sedona

Eric & I love this area.

Here's our exit.

Eric & I travel through
seven Roundabouts on

We have reservations for one
night at Thousand Trails
Camp Verde RV Resort
& Campground.

The campsites are narrow.

The tree on the left side
of the motorhome
needs to be trimmed.

From what Eric and I have seen, this is a lovely RV Resort.  We will stay here on a future trip through Arizona.

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