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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Northwest to Corydon, Indiana

Eric uses a Walmart Gift Card
to get a 3 cent per gallon
discount at Murphy's USA
Gas Station.

We have a short drive on

Exit 300 takes us to Tennessee
Route 84 North.

The facade of the Bank of
Monterey is being preserved
during a demolition project.

We drive along  country roads...

past farms with cattle...

... & round bales of hay.

serves Coke products.

The brightly colored
quilt square stands out
in driving rain.

My guess is that the rock cut
is 40 feet high.

Any height vehicle can pass
beneath this bridge.

Four Way Stop signs hang
from overhead lines in

Welcome to Kentucky

Our drive continues along
Kentucky Route 163...

Eric & I speculate about the
purpose of this oddly
shaped road.

A common driveway leads
to two houses.

We turn onto Interstate 
65 North.

I drive so Eric can take a break.

Driving in rain is tiresome.

The Elizabethtown 
Water Tower stands
behind power &
telephone lines.


We turn onto Joe Prather

The sign is impressive.

Joe Prather was the Secretary of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and State Senator.

Traffic waits at a red light
to cross the bridge over

A portion of the bridge is

I think crews are removing
paint before adding a new

Welcome to Indiana

We are traveling north

The Walmart in Corydon is a short distance off this road.

A tractor trailer pulls up 
next to us in the Walmart
parking lot.

                               This section of the parking lot is filling with trucks and RVs.

I'm grateful that Eric and I sleep with a White Noise Machine running.  Its steady sounds will cover most of the sounds from truck generators.

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