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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Eric & I Drive West to Topeka, Kansas

Starting off on
Interstate 70 West...

The Wright City Water Tower
has graffiti on it... HOME.

The Warrenton Sign is
a stand out.

A clever way to advertise for
 new billboard customers.

Eric & I drive west through
rolling hills.

Gives You

There's Fresh Fudge
at Ozarkland.

Water Tower

The Fulton Water Tower
with the Hornets High
School Football Mascot

We are 135 miles from

Crossing the Missouri

A roll, (a-roll a-ree), a roll a-aree, across the wide Missouri....

Mountains are conquered
for road building.

Camping World & its
American Flag from
Interstate 70 West.

The sign for the Harry S.Truman

I was very impressed with the Truman Presidential Museum when Eric and I visited in 2015.

Kauffman Stadium is the
home of the Kansas 
City Royals.

Eric & I will continue straight
on Interstate 70 towards Topeka.

Kansas Welcomes You!

Our GPS shows a large
Rail Yard on our left.

I think we are passing the Union Pacific Rail Yard.

Round lay haphazardly in a
newly harvested hay field.

Eric & I will be travelling
on the Kansas Turnpike.

We stop for Diesel at

This farm has a
brick silo.

Short, squat grain silos
are clustered beneath
filling apparatus.

Eric & I cross the
Kansas River.

Our toll is $5.75.

I wish Kansas had an agreement with E-Z Pass for automated toll collection.

Exit 5 takes us to.... 

Here's our overnight spot,
along the edge of the
parking lot.

Eric and I reminisce about our visit to Topeka in 2015.  The Kansas State House Tour and Dome Tour were wonderful.  Eric and I learned about the history of school segregation the Supreme Court's historic 1954 ruling to end separate but equal education at the Brown v 
Board of Education National Site.

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