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Monday, October 1, 2018

A Late Lunch @ Zaxby's in Gaffney, South Carolina

Eric and I are spending the day in  Gaffney while our motorhome chassis gets its checkup.

Our late lunch at Zaxby's
is part of our research...

Zaxby's is the 38th restaurant we are visiting from the QSR Top 50 Fast Food Restaurants by Sales List.

At 2:30 in the afternoon, Eric &
 I have the place to ourselves.

I admire the kitschy

Welcome to
Camp Run-a Muk

The Chicken Crossing

Eric & I get help making our
orders at the counter.

Eric ordered Zaxby's most popular meal Wings and Things.  This meal has five Buffalo Wings, three Chicken Fingerz with Sauces, Celery Sticks and a slice of Texas Toast.  I ordered the Big Zax Snack with Chicken Fingerz and Onion Rings.

Eric ponders his choices
at the Coca-Cola Soda

Our lunches include

Eric's wings are very good.  We both loved the Chicken Fingerz!  Eric's Crinkle Cut Fries are delicious, as are my Onion Rings.

Zaxby's is fast food restaurant that Eric and I will return to, for good eats!

My favorite wall art:

Will Work for Food If
It's Zaxby's Chicken

Just 12 fast food restaurants to go...

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