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Monday, October 1, 2018

Southwest to Roanoke, Virginia

Charles Town is promoting

We turn onto US Route 340
I missed the Welcome to Virginia sign, sigh....

I am impressed by the wide
median along this route.

Most of today's drive will
be on Interstate 81 South.

supervises the tech center of
our motorhome.

The small device on the right
 records the air pressure in
 our six Michelin Tires.

Many a tire blow out is the result of under inflated, over heated tires.  We have pressure gauges on our tire stems that report air pressure in each tire.  Decreases in tire pressure
are dealt with quickly.

I tell Eric that I like the sign
alerting us to an upcoming
merge on the left.

During Eric's time at the New York State Department of Transportation, Virginia DOT's practices were discussed because they have, and maintain, high standards for their work.

Low lying clouds obscure the
mountains ahead.

Crosses are partially concealed
 by a ridge line.

Interstate 81 winds through
the Allegheny Mountains.

Eric and I have traveled this route at least six times since 2012.

I get a shot of the familiar
Woodstock Water Tower.

It's too wet to mow today.

A repeat shot of the Apple Basket
Water Tower in Mount Jackson

We pass by farms.

Traffic slows for a pickup
truck & trailer off the road.

Horses & Cattle share a field
bordered by round hay bales.

This Exit sign includes the
 upcoming route sign &
posted bridge height.

With proper permitting, individuals and businesses can travel US roads with over height, overweight and over width loads.  

I learned this while I was studying for the written Commercial Drivers License Test in 2013 when we were staying at Escapees National Headquarters and RV Park in Livingston, Texas.  Eric and I took tests and received Non Commercial Class A Drivers Licenses because our 2004 Winnebago Vectra motorhome weighs more than 26,000 pounds.  

This photo shows cuts in
mountains to construct
this highway.

Northbound traffic is heavier
on this rainy day.

We take Exit 143 to Interstate 581

... to Exit 3 E toward

Tonight's overnight stay
is at Sam's Club.

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