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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Driving Across Kansas to the City of Colby

Another westbound day....

encouraged, but not required
to wear helmets.

Eric & I are westbound on
Interstate 70 West
US Route 40
Kansas Highway 4

Cattle graze roadside.

This shot shows the gentle
rise in altitude as Eric &
I drive west across

I'm having trouble identifying
the year of this Dodge
Station Wagon.

The Fort Riley 
Water Tower

If you have the time, stop in Abilene

One tractor trailer truck is
towing three others.

The mud flaps are curled
up so they don't wear while
in transit.

Oil Derricks in the mist...

I drive while Eric has some
time to relax.

Is the solar power large enough
to power this oil derrick, or is it
fueled by propane?

Road construction equipment
parked int he median.

A large cow in front of
steel silos

I wonder....

Was this ball built to advertise
Radio Stations or is it a
ad rented space?

Colby is 16 miles away.


A large irrigation system sits
in a roadside field.

The Colby Water Tower

Eric & I got Diesel fuel at
the Pilot Travel Center.

With our RV Plus Card, we
get 8 cents off per gallon.

The costs of Diesel adds up as Eric and I travel over 1,000 miles in six days.  Small discounts add up...

is just down the road from

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