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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Late Lunch at Texas Roadhouse in Yuma, Arizona

Eric and I are in the mood for steak and want to try a new steakhouse.

Texas Roadhouse is
just "up the road"
from Desert RV

Texas Roadhouse accepts
Timber, Cattle, Horses
& Camels... Tee-hee...

Diners can select 
specific steaks
from this fresh
meat counter.

Booths ring the
dining areas.

Tables fill in
the rest of
the space.

The bar has

Tables adjacent
to the bar

This mural mixes
Star Wars scenes
on Tatooine & off 
roading on the
Dunes in nearby

Beau, our server,
& Eric

He "walks" these first time diners through meal choices.  There are so many!

Elena, a Manager, comes
to our table to greet us.

She brings us a Complimentary
 Appetizer Card & a bag of
 peanuts to welcome us to
 Texas Roadhouse.

Wait staff Line Dance
near out booth.

Eric's Mojito & my

Eric's appetizer:
There's Chili beneath
the Cheese & Onions.

My House Salad has
generous amounts of
Chopped Egg &

Eric's selection:
& Ribs with a Sweet 
Potato & Marinated
Green Peppers

I chose a 10 ounce
with Steak Fries.

Eric and I are very happy with our choices.  Texas Roadhouse has taken care of our steak cravings. The tasty sides are welcome additions.

A server took this photo
to help us remember our
first visit to Texas

Thank you, everyone, for a friendly, fun, flavorful lunch, and the invitation to return for a free Appetizer.

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