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Friday, June 2, 2017

Yarn Bombing with a Message in Schenectady, New York

The Parking Meters
 at the Schenectady 
County Public Library
have been
Yarn Bombed.

Yarn Bombing is when people cover public places with decorative crocheted or knit items.  Eric and I found yarn artwork when we visited Silver City, New Mexico in 2015.

This Parking Meter pole is
decorated with crochet
work & has a tag...

Each tag lists a Lyme Disease fact....

Lyme Disease can be
hard to cure if co-infections
aren't treated at the same

Different colored yarns
combine for unique

Lyme bacteria can sometimes
evade the immune system &
antibiotic therapy leading to
chronic infection.

I spend time looking at the
different crochet patterns.

Short treatment courses have
resulted in upwards of a 40%
relapse rate, especially
treatment is delayed.

The QR Code Reader on
Smartphones leads to

I recognize this pattern...

It's used in crochet quilts.

Lyme Disease can sometimes be
hard to threat if co-infections
are not treated at the same

This is the first time I've
paid close attention to
Parking Meters.

Fewer than 50% of patients
with Lyme Disease recall
a tick bite. 

Everyone who pays to
park reads a Lyme
Disease fact.

Lyme Disease is a clinical
diagnosis based on symptoms.
Tests are unreliable.

I like the colors!

Like Syphilis, Lyme Disease
has been called "The Great
Imitator" since it can mimic
other multi-systemic illnesses.

This is my favorite
crochet design.

Lyme Disease tests are only
meant to be used for
surveillance purposes & not
as a diagnostic tool.

 Who knew that going to the library to borrow a book could lead to a lesson on Lyme Disease?

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