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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Eastward Bound... To Rotterdam, New York

Today we retrace our drive from West to East on a beautiful, sunny day.

We follow signs to
the U.S.A.

Our last glimpse of the

Damn the window glare!

Eric wends our way into
the RV Lane.

After answering a few questions, Eric and I return to the U.S. in New York State.

We head east, across the bridge
that takes us over the

The Marina is full
of boats....

This must be a very
popular stretch of

Eric takes the left lane
East to Albany.

We will pay the toll on the
Thruway (I-90 East) to save
about three hours drive time
to Rotterdam.

I just wish that our windshield was clean for this drive.

I take pictures
of farms.

The Finger Lakes Wine
Region is a great
vacation area.

The Finger Lakes is a beautiful area with many, many wineries and at least one Meadery to explore.

Driving east through the

A shot of the Mohawk 

68 miles to Albany

My guess is that it's
about 45 miles to the
Rotterdam Exit.

Military Vehicles driving west.

My hunch is that they are 
driving to Fort Drum,
near Watertown.

The remains of the

Unfortunately, Beechnut refuses to pay for EPA ordered asbestos removal, leaving the site unusable for the foreseeable future.

Green plants are sprouting
in farmers' fields.


We are so close...

 I'm happy to catch this photo of a farm in Schoharie.

This is our exit....

Welcome to Rotterdam.

We are almost home.

We wave at a motorhome headed west on U.S. Route 7.

Jerry's street is just a few blocks away...

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