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Saturday, June 10, 2017

The White Water Walk Along the Lower Niagara River in Canada

John, Carol, Eric &
I went downriver
to the White Water

We took an elevator down 230 feet and saved lots of time on stairs.

The tunnel took us to the
head of the White Water

A shot from below the

Eric took this shot...

We watch the Class 6 rapids,
rated extremely difficult,
roil away.

The opposite side of the river is the United States.

Fun fact:  Jumping into the water is a $10,000.00 fine.  It would be a fool's errand...

 ... as being bashed against rocks
 would do lots & lots of damage
 to a potential swimmer.

Signs are posted along the
quarter mile trail.

The water in this section of the Niagara River flows past at 30 miles per hour.

How Deep is the Water?

That depends on where you
stand along the Niagara

The depth in this section of the Lower Niagara River, between the Whirlpool and Lower Rapids is pretty shallow...  3/4 mile to 1.2 miles deep.  

There are viewing platforms
below the easy quarter mile
paved path.

As someone who is not a
fan of water, these frothing
waves are mesmerizing &

Eric & Carol are way up
there.... on the trail.

I stand next to John
at the railing.

The frothy spray is

The White Water Walk is a beautiful...  I'm glad we decided to walk the trail about three miles north of the Canadian Falls.

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