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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Soldiers Memorial in the Bellevue Neighborhood of Schenectady, New York

This statue stands at the
intersection of Broadway
& Guilderland Avenue
in Schenectady.

Men and women from all sections of the city have served in twentieth century wars.  The Bellevue neighborhood erected this memorial to remember their neighbors who served and made the ultimate sacrifice.

A young woman, her arms
 laden with flowers is etched
into the memorial.

The image reminds visitors of the young women from the neighborhood who lost fathers, husbands, brothers, cousins, and friends to war.

Plaques honor those who
served in World War I
& the names of those
who died.

The men from Bellevue
who served during World
 War II are remembered.

The men who fought in
World War II & died.

The men & women who served
in the Korean & Vietnam Wars
& those who did not return are

This memorial, and others across America, remind us that our neighbors went to war and of our neighbors who never returned.

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