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Thursday, June 22, 2017

And We're Off... Southwest to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Eric, Adam & I are on the
road... heading southwest to
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

This is our son, Adam's, belated 35th birthday gift.  We waited one month for Gettysburg National Military Park's jam packed summer schedule of interpretive Ranger Led Tours.

Bands of rain move up the
drives west on Interstate 88.

"Cloudlets" linger on the
mountainsides as the rain

I like taking pictures of

Eric pulls into a Rest Stop,
next to the Kreider Farms
tractor trailer.

It's a quick stop...  We swap seats and I drive off.

Eric takes command of
the camera...

The signature shot of
his feet propped up
on the dashboard.

Frankentree in the mist...

This disguised cell tower
fools no one.

We always get a shot of this "out sized," man-made tree on our westward drive on I-88.

It's construction season.

Pennsylvania Welcomes You

I change lanes to follow

We stop for fuel at the
Flying J Travel Plaza
in New Milford...

... & continue south on
Interstate 81 towards

Bridge supports in a bag...

Eric gets this shot as we
cross a bridge that's
 being repaired.

He snaps this photo for me.

When I was a little girl, I
thought this type of high
voltage tower looked like a
giant angry mouse.

Traffic is getting heavier as we approach Harrisburg.  It's time to swap drivers again.

Eric covers the last
leg of the trip to

Here's another "must take photo" 
of the bridge crossing the

This bridge shows up over &
over again on this blog.

Our drive takes us south

Gettysburg is just
24 miles away.

We pass farms.

Park's Visitor Center will
be the first stop of our
multi day tour of the

We arrive at Gettysburg

Eric and I stayed here in April, 2015.  It's just south of the National Military Park and a great home base for our visits.

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