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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Northern & Southern Armies Approach Gettysburg on June 30, 1863

As the Civil War passed into its second year, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was on a roll....  General Robert E. Lee and his men were successful in numerous battles.  The  Union Army of the Potomac, better supplied and financed, was losing and President Abraham Lincoln was swapping out Generals, trying to find the man who would be victorious and help end the Civil War.

Following the Confederate victory at Chancellorsville, Virginia, General Lee used the Blue Ridge Mountains in early June to hide the Army of Northern Virginia's movements north from Virginia into Pennsylvania.  General Lee planned to win a battle on Northern soil and force the Union to sue for peace.

The Confederate Army would forage for food and goods in the plentiful North for the Army, and to send south to Virginia.

As the Southern Army "disappeared," Northern Calvary was sent out to locate them and report. General Buford and the First Division of Union Cavalry located the marching troops in Pennsylvania.

On June 28, General George Meade was put command of the Army of Northern Virginia.  He had a lot of work ahead of him...

The Southern Army was found and their movements were reported to command.

Scanning the ground from the
cupola at the Lutheran Seminary
on June 30, 1863, General Buford 
made the decision to meet the
Confederate Army here.

General Buford sent of  the Confederate troops massing near Gettysburg to General Meade. The stage was set for the upcoming battle.

Northern and Southern Armies rushed to Gettysburg and battle plans were prepared....

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