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Monday, June 12, 2017

Watching Ships Go Through Lock 3 of the Welland Canal at Saint Catharines, Canada

The Welland Canal connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.  Funding for the first ever canal in Canada was spurred by construction of the America's Erie Canal that linked New York City to Buffalo, and points west, in the early 1800s.  Canadians wanted to efficiently move people and goods in the Great Lakes Region and Canadian canal building began....

The Bro Alma from Singapore
enter Lock 3 from Lake Ontario
at Saint Catharines.

The yellow Cavotec devices on
 the far end of the lock hold the
ship in place.

Visitors watch ships enter
& leave the locks from a
viewing platform.

The ship just fits in the lock.  A fellow visitor told me that there's about one foot of space between the ship and each of the lock's walls.

There's a lot of pipes &
valves on this ship.

The lock's gates close
behind the ship. 

Everyone waits for the 
water level in the lock
to rise... 

The gates open...

... & the Alma Bro 
moves on toward
Lake Erie.

Here comes the Prosna,
out of Monrovia.

Spotters are on the
bow of the ship.

The cargo is loaded &
unloaded with the
tan structure.

fly above the super structure
of the ship.

The gates are closing... 

I look up at the Prosna
after it clears the gate
that brings it closer to
Lake Erie.

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