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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The 3rd International Rally Comes to an End... The Hitch Up Breakfast in Niagara Falls

The Third International Escapees Rally in Niagara Falls, Canada is coming to an end....

Sandy & Randy admire the
spread that includes Croissants, 
Bagels, Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit,
Hard Boiled Eggs, Coffee....

The Continental Breakfast is an informal affair that starts at 8:30 am and ends.... 
around 10:00 am.

Carol & John are among
the first wave of diners.

Helene & Sandy share their
upcoming travel plans.

Evie is in the background...

Carol, Laurelyn & Doug
enjoy their breakfast.

Evie, Gail & John pose for
their last photo at this

The wind picks up...

Helene, Gerald, Dennis
& Shirley

Friday evening's Potluck Dinner included the Chapter 41's Mystery Bag Game.  Each of these items was in an individual bag.  Players can feel, stroke and caress each item to gather information for their guesses as to each bag's contents.  The items are revealed...

Walkie Talkie, Stud Finder, Wooden
Clothes Pin, Small Bell, Heart
Shaped Ornament, Sea Shell,
Brush from a Gun Cleaning Kit,
Squished Cookie Cutter, Bottle
Opener, Large Paper Clip, Paint
Can Opener, Fishing Weight,
Rifle Shell, Caster, Small Scoop,
Small Ladle, Red Bag Clip,
Oven Timer

Between Eric and me, we were unable to identify the non electric stud finder, second item on the left in the top row and the heart shaped ornament.   Eric added a lot of details to the description of each item, and we won a bottle of wine for our combined efforts.

After we finished our meal, Escapees hugged and wished each other safe travels...  It's time to hitch up and hit the road.

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