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Saturday, June 3, 2017

FootGolf @ Players Park Family Funplex in Clifton Park, New York

Eric bought a Groupon for
FootGolf at Players Park 
Family Funplex.

We invited our son, Adam, and Eric's sister, Doreen, and her family to join us.

We are given maps of
the Foot Golf Course.

Tony looks out over the course while Eric asks questions and Adam and I look at the maps.

Eric lines up
his shot...

Anthony leans back on his dad,
 Tony, while Eric & I read
a sign.

I "tee off" while
Adam waits.

Anthony's perfect form
pays off with lots of

Eric's pride after
"sinking a putt."

I watch Adam
"tee off." 

We all had a great time!

Anthony had the lowest

Thanks Doreen, for taking pics of today's fun.

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