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Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Morning Walk in Jerry's Neighborhood in Rotterdam, New York

As I walk around my mother-in-law's neighborhood, I see the "same old same old," and I also see changes from year to year.

I see familiar roof lines
& trees leafing out.

This house always charms
the passersby.

The new porch has been 

I see a patch on the roof ridge,
above the front entry of
this house.

Roof repair and replacement are common home improvement projects in the spring. 

I turn the corner & find out
that the patch on the roof
is part of damage done
by a fire.

I admire this "new" truck...

A house is getting 
new trees.

The owners of this house,
built in 2014, added solar
 panels to the roof.

The birch trees are
starting to leaf out...

Everyone has been
mowing & raking
their lawns.

Interior work continues on
this house.

It was framed last August.

One of the many lawns
groomed by local lawn
care companies.

This house needs some new
plastic to cover its roof.

The shredded tarps give the
house a ghostly look....

Jerry's older, established neighborhood is changing....  Trees, flowers, remodeling and landscaping projects are signs of spring.  The few newly built houses are changing on the outside, and on the inside.

A few houses sit abandoned, in need of new owners.  I don't know the particulars on these homes... They look like opportunities to me.

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