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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Walking Around Historic Downtown Frankfort, Kentucky

I admire the utilitarian
architecture in Historic

This building has elements of the Federal Architectural Style.

The peaked roof of a Gothic
Revival home shares a street
 with a modern steel &
glass building.

A Georgian Style

The wrought iron porch
& balcony remind me of
the French Quarter in 
New Orleans, Louisiana.

Daddy's Spot

It's nice to have reserved
 parking in a busy

The third floor of this building
is an homage to Victorian Era
mansard roof.

I am a fan of the Shamrock
shaped windows in the
"gables" of this building.

The third floor windows
combine circular &
rectangular windows.

The corner door & windows
draw the visitor's eye.

This stone building is
solidly built.

Many buildings in Historic
Frankfort have been restored &
 renovated for modern uses.


I see a number of corniced
buildings in the downtown
business area.

This type of building was
very popular in the late
1800s & early 1900s.

upscale ladies shop.

This Little Free Library
encourages passersby to
take a book & leave a book
for others to read.

The securiy guard at the
Kentucky State Capitol
Pizza for lunch.

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