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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Next... Northeast to Nashville, Tennessee

Today's drive starts off
rather cloudy.


We continue driving east

The clouds thin as we pass
farm fields.

I wonder what the cargo
is beneath the blue tarp.

This looks like a complete
tire tread on the side of
the road.

100 miles to Memphis

Another tire tread lies
discarded next to
the highway.

Red barns are surrounded
by green fields.

The bridge over the

Tennessee welcomes us.

The Danny Herman truck has
a John 3:16 Love sticker.

New green leaves partially
obscure the Stonebridge
water tower.

Roadside assistance

Bug splatter is making
some photos "fuzzy."

We see the occasional Hawk
hunting along the highway.

Mowed roadside grass 
makes it easier for the 
birds to spot prey.

Interstate 40 East
 "rolls on" before us.

Today's drive, including the bridge across the Mississippi River, looks a lot like our travels in Upstate, New York.

The Miller & Pavement Rollers
sit idle during the lunch hour.

It's 74 degrees today & bugs
 are splattering across the
 motorhome's windshield.

Shredded tires continue to
"decorate" the road shoulder.

The flowering trees
are beautiful.

This driving condition
is "tiresome."


Our overnight host is
Walmart, west of

I called ahead & got permission to spend one night, parked as far away from the store as possible. Overnighting courtesy requires that RVs park where they will not interfere with other shoppers.

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