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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our Drive Northeast to Holbrook, Arizona

Our drive east starts by
turning onto
Interstate 10 West.

Loop 101 North will
take us out off Phoenix
to Interstate 17.

I like to see artwork incorporated
into roadwork.

We are taking Interstate 17

It is running in an
easterly direction.

This Inmate Transport
Bus passed us &
pulled into our lane.

Southbound traffic
on Interstate 17.

What a view!

Humvees, probably National
Guard, travel north.

I see solar panels on this
motorhome & they're TILTED!
I point this out to Eric.

Tilting rods are usually used to position solar panels towards the sun at a 90 degree angle to more efficiently collect the sun's power for battery charging. We remove the tilt rods and lay the solar panels flat on our motorhome roof before "hitting the road."  Eric speculates that the air conditioner is shielding the tilted solar panels from the wind allowing this motorhome owner to travel like this.

Winter Weather Conditions
Drive With Care

A flag is mounted atop
this roadside butte. 

Watch For Ice

Winter conditions ahead....

We enter Flagstaff.

Ooops....  I missed the Interstate 40 East sign, repeatedly.

Eric... we are 57 miles
from Winslow.

Meteor City...
looks defunct.

That's one smokin' 
train engine.

We stop to fuel up at the

Eric is standin' on the corner
in Winslow, Arizona...

... in the Flying J RV lane.
                            Where's the girl in the flatbed Ford?

We will spend the night
in a gravel lot.

Eric and I use to plan our overnight stops.  It provides a lot of information on each location.... Flat or uneven; Well lit or poorly lighted; Noisy or quiet; Gas stations and restaurants that are close by are also listed. 

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