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Monday, April 11, 2016

Surrounded by the Red Dirt Jeep Club in Oklahoma City

Eric & I are parked in a large
public parking lot adjacent to
the Bass Pro Store.

Other RVs and buses park here during the day.

At about 6:00 pm, Eric looks out
the window & sees 5 Jeeps.

He thinks they met here to start a ride.  About 30 minutes later, there's a lot more Jeeps here.  It's time to go outside and find out what's going on.

It looks like we're 

... by a large number of Jeeps.

Red Dirt Jeep Club meets in this parking lot every other Thursday, and we just happen to be here on a Thursday when they are meeting.

Red Dirt Jeeps sells stickers
to members in attendance.

Eric was given a Red Dirt Jeep stickers to put on our Jeep and on our motorhome.

Eric takes a video from the
roof of our motorhome.

Wonder Woman

I didn't know that Jeeps have names.  Eric, what should we name our Jeep?

Orange Crush &
Indigo Bounty

Big Bear


Check out the mean brow
on this lime green Jeep.

Leigh Ann Lane owns this Jeep.  She is the author of Nine Million Minutes and is busy promoting this thoughtfully written book.  I expect she and Nine Million minutes will do very well.

Yeep reminds me of Gloria's
Colombian accent on
 Modern Family.

This customized Jeep is
"so fine." 

Trampled Under Foot

Temper Tantrum 

This camouflaged Jeep is a
series of leaves in earth

A Red Dirt Jeep Club
member takes a video.

Knight Krawler

Club members drive their Jeeps
up onto a ramp & then owners
take pictures of their vehicles
& their undercarriages.

This Jeep shows off its
specialized lighting
after sunset.
Eric and I had a great time hanging out with Red Dirt Jeep Club.  The members warmly welcomed us.  We had lots of fun conversations and now, Eric and I are trying to name our Jeep.


Tim Sullivan said...

Was nice talking with you and Eric. Can't wait to see what you name your Jeep.

John Dirickson said...

Had a great time meeting you I think you should name your Jeep Tag-a-long :) be safe in your travels and hope to see y'all back this way someday

Stephen Nunnally said...

Thank you for such a great blog! You are welcome to ride along with us anytime you're back in OKC!
From myself and the Red Dirt Jeeps, thank you and we are glad to make a fun impression of how Jeeping is!

Stephen N. owner of Indy Blue

Tony Pellegrini said...

It was a pleasure to me you guys and hear about your travels. Everyone of us have that dream! Thank you for sharing time and pics with us. Hope our paths cross again and God bless you while you travel. Send us a pic of your name when you figure it out!

Anonymous said...

Great group of Jeepers. If need anything the next time through post up on the open facebook page and the word will get out. Welcome to the extended family. [ ]IIIIII[ ] <<--Jeep Cherokee

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting yall! I had the yellow CJ5 "Shotgun"

Trey Layes said...

Glad we had an impact on you both. We take our jeeps and family very seriously in RDJ. Its really cool to see how others view us.

Rob said...

Thanks for joining us!

Rob (Tank)

Adam Baker said...

I have a 78 Jeep Cherokee super chief and I am interested in your club .

Ginny said...

Please check out Red Dirt Jeeps Facebook Page at
This group is very welcoming & family friendly. I hope you enjoy spinning your wheels with them.