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Monday, April 4, 2016

Memorials at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza in Phoenix

Across from the State Capitol

This large, open space has many memorials, too many for me to share in a blogpost.  It is very welcoming to visitors.  I think the children in the background are eating lunch after a tour of the Capitol.

Jesuit Missionary, Father
Eusebio Francisco Kino,
explored the Arizona desert
in the 1680s & founded

Walkways are lined with memorials.

The memorial for the 158th
 known as the Bushmasters
for service in World War II

Honoring Arizona's
Pioneer Women

Honoring the men & women of
Arizona's Law Enforcement
Agencies that died while

The Memorial for Confederate

The Arizona Territory was divided along the 34th parallel and the southern section of the territory was claimed by the Confederacy.  

Honoring Jewish Armed
Forces Veterans

The Desert Storm Memorial


The Enduring Freedom Memorial
honors those who have fought, &
died, in the war on terrorism.

Freedom isn't Free: the
Korean War Memorial

Eric reads the timeline of the
terrorist attacks on
this unique memorial.

Arizona Fallen Firefighters &
Emergency Paramedics

The Arizona Law Enforcement
Canine Memorial

The Vietnam War Memorial

The World War II Memorial 
includes the USS Arizona's 
original mast & guns from 
the USS Missouri

Me at the Wesley Bolin Memorial 

Wesley Bolin served Arizona as a local Constable, Justice of the Peace, Arizona Secretary of State and as Governor.

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