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Monday, April 11, 2016

Visiting the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City

State Capitol Park

The oil rigs on the 100 acre State Capitol Park were capped in 1986.

Eric in front of Oklahoma's

After a series of delays, the Capitol's dome was completed and dedicated on November 16,  2002.  

Eric on the Grand

A replica of The Guardian, who stands atop the Capitol dome is displayed at the top of the staircase. We are joining a group of sixth, seventh and eighth graders.  Rick is our tour guide.

The Rotunda

Portraits of famous Oklahomans are on display beneath the Rotunda

Olympic Gold Medalist
Jim Thorpe

Silent Movie Star &
Humorist Will Rogers

is the first black female
attorney in Oklahoma.

Skylights illuminate one of the
hallways extending from
the Rotunda.

Visitors gather around the
Oklahoma State Seal,
beneath the Rotunda.

The Hall of Governors

Each former Oklahoma
Governor's bust is
displayed here.

of the building.

The historically restored
chamber is closed today.

The Senate Chamber

Oklahoma's forty-eight State Senators serve four year terms with a maximum of twelve years of service, consecutively or non-consecutively.

Oklahoma's one hundred-one Representatives serve two year terms with a maximum of twelve years in the State Legislature.

Rick shared Oklahoma's history as we toured the Capitol.  I learned a lot today.

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