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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Arizona Legislative Buildings & Executive Tower in Phoenix

The scaled down Territorial Capitol, built in 1900, became the State Capitol when Arizona entered the Union on February 14, 1912.

Government and governmental responsibilities grew throughout the early and mid 20th century.  By 1960, buildings were built adjacent to the Capitol to house the Arizona's Legislature, their staff and their Chambers.

Arizona has a part time Legislature, meeting from January 14 to June 14 each year.

The House of Representatives

I took this photo at a distance to show off the landscaping on the Capitol grounds.

The House of Representatives
was in session when Eric & I
visited the Chamber.

Sixty Representatives serve two year terms.  The term limit in this legislative branch is four consecutive therms.

The State Senate Building

The Senate will be called
into session later in
 the day.

Thirty State Senators serve for two year terms  They are limited to a total of eight years of service.

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The Arizona Governor, the Cabinet and staff moved into this tower, behind the State Capitol in 1974. 

I decided to give this building a wide berth during our visit to the Capitol.  Immigration rights activists had chained themselves to the front door of the Executive Tower during our visit. They were urging Governor Doug Ducey to veto House Bill 2451.  This bill requires convicted undocumented immigrants to serve 85% of their sentence before the Arizona Department of Corrections can release them to Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation. Currently, undocumented immigrants serving time can be released after half of the time served, if certain conditions are met.

Five activists were arrested at the Executive Tower.  Governor Ducey signed House Bill 2451 on March 31, 2016. 

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