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Friday, April 8, 2016

Eric & I Continue Our Drive East... To Amarillo, Texas

Open plains spread out
around us as Eric & I
drive east.

Another day's drive along

The speed limit is 
75 miles per hour

Our speed is 65 miles per hour.   We always drive about ten miles per hour lower than the posted speed limit on highways.  Many vehicles pass us as Eric drives east.

The ribbon of highway
scrolls out ahead of us.

We slow down for roadwork.

is that-a-way. 

Eric & I will be on the
lookout for Deer.

Maybe they are hiding
behind the bushes....

One of the Mesas Eric & I
see on today's drive.

I think this Coors Light
truck opens up into a
very large display.

The San Jon
water tower

be a good place to stop &
switch drivers.

I take the wheel and give
Eric a break during our
4.5 hour drive.

Welcome to Texas

Cattle Country.

Yo, Adrian!

We pass, what I think, is
a stock yard.

The cattle are standing or lying around and there don't seem to be feeding troughs, as I would expect to see in a feed lot.  The fermenting odor from a thousand cars or more is not pleasant.

Cadillac Ranch sits by
the side of the road.

Today's drive is coming
to an end....

We are ovenighting at
one of the Walmarts
in town.

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