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Friday, April 29, 2016

Eggs in a Bag... At the SKP Acre Rally in Sevierville, Tennessee

Have you ever eaten "Eggs in a Bag?"  This customized Omelette is a SKP Acre favorite.

Volunteers crack open raw
eggs & put them in coffee

Bring a bag with your name
on it & continue down the
 table to add your chosen

Add your choice of onions,
peppers, bacon, ham,
cheese & create your 
custom made Omelette.

Each "eggy bag" is collected and taken to the kitchen to be cooked in pots of boiling water.  Whi

While the custom made omelettes
are cooking in pots of boiling
water in the kitchen, rally
attendees toast bagels...

Make their morning coffee,
tea and get a glass of juice.

When the custom made Omelettes are done, names are called out and rally members collect them. Breakfast is served!

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