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Monday, November 5, 2018

Walking Around Algodones, Mexico

Eric and I have been visiting Algondones, Mexico since 2015.

Algodones Fun Facts:  This is Mexico's northernmost town.  The United States surrounds Algodones.  California is North and West of the town.  Yuma, Arizona is East and South of Algodones. 

Financial Fun Facts:  Visitors from Mexico spend about $2 billion dollars in Yuma County Arizona each year.  Mexican purchases on food, clothing, entertainment, and other services.   The annual flow of money into Yuma County supports more than 2,000 local jobs.  Snowbirds from other parts of the US and Canada bring in about

I was unable to find financial information on American spending in Algodones.  During the first quarter of 2018 8 million Americans visited Mexico.  Of the 8 million, 4.3 million tourists visited border towns. 

Visitors see the Algodones
Water Tower from the 
Border Parking Lot.

Americans & Canadians travel
here for low-cost dental work,
prescription drugs, eyeglasses
& shopping.

Many buildings are painted
with bright colors.

This building features masks

This sign lists the
businesses off of...

.... this alley.

Eric in front of El Paraiso,
one of our favorite places
to eat, & drink.

MediPlaza is a recent addition
to Algodones.

See a dentist, get a new pair of glasses, fill a prescription, dine and shop here.  The second floor has hotel rooms for visitors who are visiting or have multiple appointments. 

Eric in front of Dental

He got his beautiful
smile here.

Drs. Marichi & Omeda's
dental practice has been
endorsed by Escapees

Reny Dental & the
sandwich board for
one of Algodones'

There's shopping everywhere....  Beneath business awnings, in alleyways....  Vendors walk the streets selling hats, jewelry, lawn ornaments...


.... Halloween

The local school's Halloween
Party is fun-filled, &
lacks gore.

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