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Monday, November 12, 2018

Notes on Pio Pico RV Campground in Jamul, California

Check-In Sign is near the Pio Pico
Country Store, on the south side
of the Resort.

Otay Lakes Road cuts this 400 plus campsite Park in two.  The south side has full hookups with 30 amp and 50 amp electric service.  Eric and I are at a 30 amp campsite.  Eric paid a vendor for internet access because the Wifi isn't reliable.  

The Activity Center has a
large patio.

Meals are served at the Coyote Cafe.  There is a Puzzle Area, Library and Reading Area.  This is a Wifi Hotspot.  Sometimes there's no Wifi here.

Mini Golf

Two of the four Pools
at Pio Pico

There are also two
Hot Tubs.

The Youth Center has games,
books & scheduled activities.

I walk to the Youth Center to make phone calls.  The parking lot is one of the few spots in the campground where phone calls can be made.  And, there's no pay phone here.  In case of emergency, RVers go to the Security Booth, report it and staff contact emergency services.

One of two Playgrounds

The Volley Ball Court is behind
the Basketball/Pickleball Court.

The Red Stile allows hikers to
cross the fence & walk the trail.

Shuffleboard Courts


The south side Laundry

There is a Dump Station on this side of the Resort.

There are instructions at the 
north side of the Park 
for registration.

The Clubhouse has a Lounge/
Church set up, Pool Tables &

One of the two sections
in this end of the Park

The north side of Pio Pico has water and electric hookups.  RVers can pack up and use the Dump Station, use a Blue Boy to transport grey and black water to the Dump Station or pay for a Honey Wagon to come to the campsite and pump out RV tanks.  

The Restrooms & Showers

The larger Basketball Court
has markings for two
Pickleball Courts.

Horses are welcome at Pio Pico.

There are four small corrals with

One of two sets of Dump Stations
on the north side of the

Eric and I are happy to be staying at the south side of the campground.  We have full hookups and this side of the Park has the most amenities, including the Country Store.

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