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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Domino's Pizza in Chula Vista, California

Yes, it's another fast food restaurant visit courtesy of the 2015 QSR List of Top Fast Food Restaurants by Sales blog post.

Eric & I are trying Domino's
Pizza for the first time today.

The price is right....  $7.99 for a large pizza with three toppings.

This is a take-out store.

Sit & wait for your

Eric & I sit in our Jeep
to eat lunch.

I am happy to see that the bacon is fairly large pieces, not finely ground, like Bacon Bits and the sausage pieces are also fairly large, not extruded pellets.  

Eric and I should have driven to the nearby Domino's Pizza for dine-in service.  Sigh.......

I ripped the top of the box
off to create a plate for
Eric's pizza.

We are delighted with the crust.  It's light and crispy.  The rest of the pizza is delicious.  The flavors are well balanced.  This is very good fast food pizza. 

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