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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Rough Roading in Jamul, California

Eric & I start our drive next to

Sections of the road have

Some RVers hike on the road.  Eric and I will be watchful.

As you can see, our campground
is in a flat area, surrounded by

The road is mostly gravel with small portions of pavement.  The roughest sections have washboarding from traffic creates a bumpy ride.  

I think the stakes & ropy material
were laid down to slow erosion
on this slope.

There are photos in the Activities Building showing the flooding in the Campground in 2004.

Fires menaced this area in 2003 & 2007.

The road hugs the mountainside.

I can easily see Firefighters &
equipment on this road.

Chula Vista in the

This ride shows me how close Pio Pico RV Campground is to civilization (about 11 miles by road) and that its customers, with little cell phone coverage, are cut off from area businesses and immediate calls for help in emergencies.

Convex mirrors are strategically
placed to help drivers see oncoming
traffic on this narrow road.

Fire Closure Shooting Prohibited
Except Lawful Hunting

Closure order posted at:

A water tower for firefighting
with instructions not to shoot
at it.

The view from Eric's
side of the Jeep.

This road has lovely views.

The grey rock doesn't look like
it belongs in this earth tone

All types of cars & trucks
can drive this road.

Our drive takes us to the
Area sign.

welcomes shooters.

Our first sighting of

The road widens to two lanes.

Horses graze in this valley.

Eric & I return to pavement...

records our drive.

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