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Friday, November 2, 2018

Walking Around Downtown Ajo, Arizona

Roadside Attractions lists
the Singing Cactus. 

Ajo has reinvented itself as a place to learn about art and practice and promote art since the nearby Copper Mine closed in 1986 and jobs the community relied on disappeared.

The open-air plaza in 
downtown Ajo...

....  is surrounded by

The Visitor Center is
 at the western end.

Shops & the Post Office
occupy the south side.

the eastern end.

...  the Library are on the
northern side of the

The light here is brilliant.  Deciding to open an art school here and promote the arts have payed off for the community.

Visitors enjoy the
fruits of Ajo's labors...

Artists Alley

"the best way to find
youself is to lose
yourself in the
 service of others"

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