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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Grocery Shopping @ Von's in Chula Vista

Eric & I went shopping
at Von's today.

I stopped at Customer Service
to get a Von's Loyalty Card.

Von's is part of the Safeway Grocery family.

FAB! 5 promotion

The  Pharmacy &....

.... Action Health Clinic

The Pet Food Aisle

A Holiday Display in
the Paper Products


Von's has a large selection
of magazines....

.... & Greeting Cards.


Carpet Cleaners &
Cleaning Supplies

Peanut Butter, Jelly &
Breakfast Cereals


Wine, Wine & more

The International 
Food Aisle

Patio Furniture sits atop
Frozen Food cases.

The Seafood Counter

Grab 'n Go Meals

Baked Snack Foods
& Bread

The Snack Aisle

A Pistachio Display next
to the Fresh Produce

 Von's has a nice selection
of Cheeses.

Fresh Baked... Breads, Muffins,
Bagels, Cakes & Cookies

Poetry in Bloom has
flowers to go.

Eric and I found everything we needed and saved a few dollars too.

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