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Friday, November 2, 2018

Visiting Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in Ajo, Arizona

Eric & me at Organ Pipe
Cactus National Monument

We went to the Kris Eggle
Visitor Center to get our
bearings &...

... to purchase my America the

I celebrated my 62nd birthday in August and went online to purchase the "Senior Pass."  I was sent to the United States Geological website states, "Due to the sudden popular demand for Senior Passes, we have partnered with Your Pass Now to simplify the order process for Senior Passes.  You will be directed to their external website."   The external website charges a $10.00 processing fee for the $80.00 Senior Pass.  I do not pay additional fees to obtain government services.  

It was worth the wait, and the beautiful photo, to get my Lifetime Senior Pass for $80.00.  It comes with a plastic hanger to display in more than 2,000 recreation sites including National Parks, National Monuments, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Refuges, National Forests...

Today Eric & I will drive
the 20 Mile Loop Trail.

This route takes visitors
through an area of the 517
square acre monument.

A large Teddy Bear Cholla

Our first sighting of

Eric and I told friends that we were going to Stove Pipe National Monument.  Organ Pipe is not a commonly used phrase, and now we know it's the name of a specific Cactus.  Travel is about learning and correcting errors.

Suddenly, Organ Pipe Cacti
are everywhere.

The views from a roadside pull off...

 You can see for miles....

Eric, me & an Organ Pipe Cactus

Our Jeep is dwarfed by a
Saguaro Cactus.

The greenery on the right is

It isn't a cactus & it sheds
its spiny leaves.

Freezing weather damages the
Saguaro Cactus & its arms

This one looks like it's
hugging itself.

These two Saguaro are
locked in an embrace.

Ooooh... an arch

A close up....

This section of the National Monument shows long ago volcanic activity

Jojoba Bushes live in the
Sonoran Desert.

as Jumping Cholla because the
plant's hanging fruit easily
detach to spread seeds
throughout an area.

This drive is beautiful!  There are pull-offs with informational displays, picnic tables, and trailheads.

Eric and I explored the Campground, which has no hookups. Our forty foot Winnebago Vectra will fit in some of the tbe sites.  Besides free admission to the National Monument, Eric and I can camp at half price.  We want to return to walk the trails and explore the forty mile loop road in this diverse desert Monument.

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