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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Homeward Bound: North to Rotterdam, New York

Eric and I drive along a well known route north to Rotterdam New York.  We start our seven and a half hour drive at 7:30 am.  Today's route was planned with rest stops where Eric and I will swap our driving shifts.

We start out on Maryland
State Route 4 North.

toward Baltimore.
 Trees are leafing out....

Eric moves into a left lane
to follow Interstate 97
North toward Baltimore.
The major highway route north has many route changes that we know well.

Eric moves into the dedicated exit
the Beltway around Baltimore.

The 15 mile per hour exit
ramp has an impressive

Bridges cross the highway &
crisscross each other.

Eric continues our drive onto
Interstate 83 North.

Timonium sounds like an element on the Periodic Table of Elements, but it's not.

A Furmano's Truck...

This is my favorite
canned tomato

Trees are flowering...

Forsythia Bushes are in bloom.

A steep grade sign

I start thinking about the common geology that this section of Maryland and Pennsylvania share.  Do they have mining here?  One quick search on the internet and my hunch is confirmed.  Mining is a major industry  in Maryland.

 Northeastern Maryland is also farm country.

Pennsylvania Welcomes You 

It looks like the crane is
holding up the Coors
Light sign.

A trailer load of sheds
heads south.

We drive past rail yards
in Harrisburg.

Everyone's out driving on
this beautiful day.

I take pictures of York Barbell
when we drive this route.

The mountains of Pennsylvania
stretch out before us.

We follow our route onto
Interstate 81 North.

This "Franken-Tree" will be
hidden once the roadside
trees leaf out.

I take pictures whenever I see one. 

That is not an Alligator.

It looks like the entire
tread from a tractor
trailer tire.

Everyone moves to the
left lane to give room
to the ambulance &
fire truck.

A mangled tractor trailer
rests on a guide rail.

I hope the driver isn't

That's Wilkes Barre in
the distance.

We have plenty of time to
get in the correct lane for
ramp toward Binghamton.

We stop at Flying J Travel
 to fuel up.

I wash our windshields
while Eric pumps
diesel fuel.

Dead bugs be gone!

I missed the Welcome
to New York sign, but
got the tourism sign.

There is currently a dispute between the federal government and New York State over the legality of the newly placed tourism signs.

Eric & I will turn East
on Interstate 88.

There's lots of drawing on
this very bumpy section
of road.

I expect road repairs to start sometime this year.

Just 122 miles to Albany...

before us.

Our first snow sighting since
last November at the rest stop
where Eric & I swapped
driving shifts.

We approach the Schoharie

Exit 25 is our exit.

Eric will top off the
fuel tank at the Pilot

I unhitch our Jeep from the back of our motorhome and drive to Eric's Mom's house.

Rotterdam is proud of
its Dutch history.

I'm arrive at Jerry's house few minutes before Eric.


I am ready to guide Eric into
Jerry's driveway.

We are home!

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