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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lunch at Grand Trunk in Washington, D.C.

Eric uses Yelp to find places to eat everywhere we go.  From the descriptons he's read to me, I am expecting an new dining experience at a nearby Asian American restaurant.

Grand Trunk is an Asian
American Restaurant with
several differences.

The menu features fusion recipes.  The Naan Burgers look very good.  Entre Bowls include Chicken Tikka Masala, Khyber Koftas, Lamb Masala...

Customers can order online with ChowNow website or mobile app using PayPal.  ChowNow does not take a fee from the restaurants that it works with, unlike most third party services.

It was VERY sunny, so Eric and I chose to eat indoors.

Customers can eat
"in the round."

I like the lighting & the
dining options...

Seating around low
slung tables or booths.

Eric chose a booth.

We ate Grand Trunk Naan
Burgers: Beef marinated with
Ginger, Black Cumin, Green
Chilies, Onions & Fresh
Cilantro topped with Mint
Chutney in freshly baked
Tandoori Naan, with Fries.

Our lunch was delicious....  My burger was melange of exotic flavors served on one of my favorite breads.  The hand cut fries were perfect!

Eric and I are fueled and rested... It's time to choose another museum to tour.

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