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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eric Adds an Electrical Outlet in Our Motorhome

Eric excitedly said, "Come here!  Look at what I found!"  I walked into our small kitchen, found three drawers sitting on the floor and a cavernous space beneath our stove.  I asked, "What did you find, a mouse nest?"  "No," Eric said, "look closer..."

There's a whole bunch of wires beneath the stove and no evidence of rodents.  (Our 25 foot camping trailer had frequent four-legged visitors that Eric worked hard to eliminate.)  We haven't found a mouse in the motorhome, but I am always on the look out for an unwanted pest.

There's a lot of wires down
here & a dummy outlet.

(Eric turned off the power
to this section of the

Our 2004 Winnebago Vectra 40AD offered the choice of a dishwasher beneath the stove.  This wiring was put in Vectras to power that option.

Eric wedges himself into
this small space 

After determining that the outlet he found was a dummy, Eric assembled the items needed to add an outlet adjacent to our living room.

I marvel at Eric's skills.
I know nothing about electricity and would have given up on the project after finding an empty, unwired outlet box.

Eric completed the work &
turned on the power.

I can now plug in my lap top
without running the power
cord across our living room.

We are both happy to eliminate a tripping hazard in our small home.

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