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Friday, April 21, 2017

Wednesday's Wings Special @ Bricklayers Pub & Pizzeria in Rotterdam, New York

Eric & I arrive at
Pizzeria for their
Wednesday Wing

Chicken Wings are 50 cents each from 3:00 to 6:00 pm, and there are different flavors to try.  

Bricklayers has a nice
assortment of beers
at their full bar.

Joe, the owner, tells me that the bricks are from a church in his grandmother's neighborhood. He salvaged the when the building was demolished.

Joe is living his dream....  He enjoys owning a neighborhood pub/pizzeria and making new friends. Eric and I wish Joe all the best with his new venture.

We arrived just after
3:00 pm & it's quiet

Kamri, the bartender,
recommends we try
Sam Adams Cold

She gave a great recommendation.  This white wheat beer is well balanced and satisfying.  It will be easy to find because Sam Adams Beers are available locally.

Eric & I are splitting
Medium, Mild, Hot,
Honey BBQ, Garlic
Parm & Golden
 BBQ flavored wings.

Joe took this pic...

Eric's third hand 
my left hand.

The wings are excellent!  Bricklayers kitchen staff includes a Schenectady County Community College School of Culinary Arts graduate and a SCCC School of Culinary Arts student.  They are showing off their skills and building Bricklayers Pub and Pizzeria's reputation as a great place to eat.

Eric's top two wing flavors are  Golden BBQ, followed by Medium.  My favorite wing flavors are Mild and Honey BBQ.  

The bar got busier as Eric and I enjoyed our Wings and Beer.  Couples sit at tables and make their early dinner choices. 

We thank Kamri for her beer recommendation and ask Joe to thank the Chef before waving goodbye.  

Bricklayers Pub and Pizzeria is a short walk from Jerry's house.  I expect Eric and I will be stopping by often while we are home.  

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