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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Changes at Draper School in Rotterdam, New York

Last summer Eric told
me that something
was going on at the
old Draper School
near his Mom's house.

Excavation near the
building made Eric
think that an old
oil tank may have
been removed.
Draper High School, built in the early 1900s graduated its last class in 1986 and a series of businesses had operated out of the building since.  A charter school closed in 2008, leaving the school abandoned.

I don't know what will happen, but there's a lot of work that needs to be done....

I didn't realize that articles started appearing in 2015 on re-purposing the building into apartments. Within the last week articles appeared in the Times Union and Daily Gazette about area schools being rehabbed and Draper School is one of several schools listed.

I took this picture on
April 23rd.

Many of the windows have
been replaced & I can see
metal wall supports.

The former classrooms will be reconfigured for apartments. 

Draper Lofts is receiving
financing from State 
Employees Federal
Credit Union.

When completed, Draper Lofts will have over 100 apartments available for tenants.

This work site probably doesn't
have working plumbing, yet.

Windows need replacing
near the old gym.

These windows were bricked
up during a previous

There's so much work to
be done here.

I'm not surprised to read that this is a $15 million dollar project.

This post is probably the
base of a light pole.

The old curbing is rubble.

Some of it is being used
to stabilize the fencing.

Each side of the building
is different.

This one bears the marks of an awning, long gone, and more bricked up windows.

I will return, from time to
time to watch the exterior
work progress.
I look forward to going to the Open House to see the new apartments.

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