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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Drive East to Williamstown, Masssachussets

Most of today's drive will

A few leaves have started to turn color...  Fall is on its way.


Troy, Uncle Sam's hometown,
stretches out before us.

Most of Rensselaer County
is rural.

A covered bridge spans
a creek.

Tis the season for
political signs.

We drive past Grafton

Eric enjoys driving this
windy road east.

We reminisce about driving this road, on a dark and stormy night with our 25 foot camping trailer. Eric wanted to drive as fast as possible and still drive safely.  I'm glad he kept his thoughts to himself.

We enter Massachusetts...

... and start our drive downhill
on a 7% grade.

A custom road sign alerts
drivers of the upcoming

The densely packed gravel ramp
 ends in a substantial pile
 at the end of the ramp.

This is an important safety feature that no one wants to use.

The A-Frame Bakery tempts
visitors to western

After a hearty breakfast at Star's Cafe, Eric and I are not in the mood for pastries. Eric turns onto South Street and we arrive at our destination...

Much has changed since our last visit, about nine years ago.

This building, with an Orientation Theater, is "new" to us.

I admire the artfully painted bus that sits waiting for passengers.  Let's see what else is "new."

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