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Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Favorite Seminars at FMCA's International Convention at the Big E

Each day of the FMCA International Convention has a full schedule of seminars on many topics from exercise classes to microwave cooking RV insurance options to RV maintenance...  Need I go on? Eric and I could not attend every one...  Like the Vendors Post, I chose to provide a sampling from the many seminars that were offered..

Janet Trannum of Almost Heaven
Microfiber shares cleaning products
everyone has in their homes/RVs.

Did you know that Peanut Butter removes dried on Pine Sap?

shared the Top Ten Maintenance
Tips Every RVer Should Know.

Attendees received this
maintenance check list.

We fill in the maintenance
intervals ourselves.

Check out the RV Doctor's Tech Tips on Gary Bunzer's Youtube Channel.

Connection shares here favorite
convection oven recipes.

Janet also shares preparation
& cooking tips.
After four years of fulltime RVing, I remain tentative about using my convection oven and am in need of this seminar.

presented their seminar on
 Technology for Travelers.

Chris & Jim showed us internet
accessible photo albums, maps, 
videos & blogs to use when 
sharing our travels.

White Knuckles & Windstorms

Some RVs are a tougher drive
experience than others.

Robert Henderson of Henderson's Line-Up, Brake and RV talks about the array of after-market parts to assist with RV handling to put an end to front end pulling to the right or the left or the rear wandering in the lane and other RV driving complaints.  

How to correct motorhome handling 

Any motorhome that has handling
difficulties needs a mult-point
inspection to gather information 
needed to select the correct parts.

Jason Rumschlag conducts the
Freightliner Fireside Chat.

The Freightliner Chassis is the complex multi-system foundation that RVs are built on.  Built with powerful engines, "fool proof" transmissions and top rated suspension systems, chassis systems need regular maintenance.  

Besides building chassis,
Freightliner has Customer
Assistance Services that
are available 24/7.

I am excited to see Freightliner's
Phone App.

Finding Freightliner Service Dealers that work on RVs and accessing 24/7 Direct Customer Service just got easier.

Eric and I reported to each other on each seminar.  We agreed that our seminar experiences provided valuable information.

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