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Friday, August 12, 2016

Lunch at the Storrowton Tavern at The Big E

Eric & I are meeting at

The Tavern is located in the historic Atkinson Tavern.

The Patio is inviting.

Eric is waiting on the
patio with beers for
me to taste.

He has a mug of Sam Adams
Summer Ale & a sample of
Harpoon Brewery's UFO
White Beer.

I choose UFO White Beer and we order our lunches.

I tour the Tavern while we
wait for our meal.

The dark wood at the
bar is rich, lustrous.

I walk through intimate
dining areas.

The 19th century fireplace is
the focal point of this room.

I wonder where the stairs go.

Eric's Chicken Pot Pie is
not what he expected.

Premade flaky pastries are
on the bottom & top
of the dish.

The Chicken Pot Pie's vegetables are lightly cooked and the pieces of chicken are huge!  Eric tells me that the gravy and flaky pastry complete this delicious lunch.

Hamburger with Tomato,
Lettuce, Bacon &
French Fries.

My hamburger is cooked the way I like it, medium well done.  The combination of burger toppings and Gorgonzola Cheese presents me with a unique hamburger experience.  The fries are perfectly cooked.

I'm glad we passed up fast food options at The Big E for casual dining at Storrowton Tavern.

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