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Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Day at the Altamont Fair with Diane & Sean

Eric & I took our
 daughter, Diane, &
grandson, Sean, to

Sean & Grandpa play
in the "Corn Box" in
the 4-H Exhibit Hall.

They visit the Ducklings
at the Poultry Barn.

Diane, Grandpa & Sean
watch the Chicks on the

They visit the

Waiting for the
Racing Pigs....

We watch Pot Belly
 Pigs "run the track."

Sean enjoys his
ice cream cone.

Grandpa & Sean ride the Kiddie
Ferris Wheel together.

Mommy & Sean watch
the Goldfish swim.

Enjoying some quiet

I'm glad Diane and Sean could join Eric and me for a day at the fair.

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